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Our Song and Links

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My husband and I first heard this song while in Kauai about a month after getting married. We played it on repeat for the entire time we were there. It's our song. I hope you enjoy it! 
-I love Taza's realistic advice on how to connect with your spouse.
-Here are some date night makeup tips. I really want to try these. Anyone have tips on how to make time to do their makeup?
-Sandra's encouraging words are just that, encouraging. I find comfort knowing we still make personal connections.
-I'm definitely in the mood to wear this all day long. If you see my husband, let him know it's on my wishlist.

Happy Valentine's day, friends!
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Out of the Park Pizza, Trivia, and Wilson Phillips

Are there any Jeopardy fans out there? My mom and my brother LOVE watching Jeopardy and they're actually pretty good at it. I'm not so much of a fan. It honestly makes me feel dumb, so I wasn't too thrilled to spend an evening at trivia night. Actually, if it wasn't for the person who invited me, I would never have suggested it to my husband.
We met some friends at Out of the Park Pizza on a Tuesday night a few years ago. We had a large group of people with a wide range of random knowledge. Because of this, we won 2nd place. It was pretty exciting! But like my days of watching Jeopardy with mom and brother, I knew zero answers. Zilch. We had to go back since the prize for placing was $$$ to Out of the Park Pizza. 
My husband was thrilled with trivia night, which made it all worth it. We also super love pizza. Who doesn't? We stopped hanging out with those particular people because of life, but we've made our way back with different groups of people. 
We eat, an…

A Toddler's Birthday Wishlist

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, Beautiful Bravery will earn commission from any purchases you make through the links. I'm trying to figure out where the last almost three years have gone. Before becoming a mom, I was sure I would throw the coolest, most elaborate, Pinterest worthy parties for our kiddos. Well, here we are 3 weeks away from our daughter's 3rd birthday and my plan right now is to have cake and ice cream with family. She doesn't seem to have strong opinions about her party, but she does have strong and specific opinions about what she wants. 
I've compiled her list for anyone else out there wondering what to get a 3-year-old. No matter how much I want to believe my daughter is unique, I know she's just like other toddlers out there. She is showing an interest in what she wears, she loves packing her own backpack for outings, and she can create or play pretend with just about anything. A few of these …

February Dinner Roundup

I cannot believe it is already February. Wow! I am feeling a whole lot of feelings about the NYs resolutions I never officially made and how I've done a whole lot of nothing for them. Ok, maybe not nothing. I have thought about all of them and even taken action on at least one, which is why we're here talking about eating better on less.

I don't know about you, but I enjoy meal planning, prepping, and shopping. I even like walking the aisles with my calculator open to make sure I stay under budget. Then, at the end of the month, if we have any "extra" grocery money, I can splurge on fancy vegan coffee creamer.

Over the years I've learned what ingredients are healthy and cheap so I look for recipes that include them. For instance, most recipes we're having for the month of February have canned tomatoes and/or canned or dried beans in them. I feel like I do pretty good on the spending side of meal planning but one of my goals this year is to save time, too.…

Flowers and Cheesy Egg Burritos

Do you ever have those days when you want someone to genuinely ask you how you are? In the real, let's grab-a-cup-of-coffee-and-talk kind of way. I live for those moments. Not too long after having our son (baby #2), a woman from church asked me how I was and I broke down in tears. I couldn't bring myself to say fine or great with a fake smile plastered on my face. I think I was able to break down because I knew she was being real. She really cared about how I was. She wasn't just being polite. This was one of the most impactful moments of life. It's the moment I want to be on the other end of for the people in my life.  The other day I was feeling very much like if someone asked me how I was, regardless of whether they really wanted to know or not, I would break down and ugly cry. Every single class seemed 3 hours long. It's hard to keep to myself when it's my job to teach teenagers all day. Once that final bell rang, I tried my best not to make eye contact w…

Dreaming of Summer in Neon

I've come to the conclusion that we're a bunch of wimps here in Southern California. We had one entire week where it rained so much I couldn't ride my bike to work. That't the extent of our winter. It's wet and it fell below 50 degrees. Big whoop, right?  It was pretty much torture figuring out what to clothe my feet in being that ALL my shoes have intentional or unintentional holes in them. This doesn't matter 99% of the time though, so I don't think about it until my feet are already soaking wet. It also wouldn't be such a big deal if we weren't going #gazelleintense on this debt free journey. I just couldn't bring myself to purchase a pair of boots to wear a few times. Maybe next year.
So we're pretty happy to be out and about in our sandals without worrying about puddles taking up residency between our toes. We're over here dreaming of the faithfulness of Summer. It's long and warm and gets us really ready for our one or two wee…

That Time I Went Skydiving

While sorting through some miscellaneous photos, I found these gems. My heart literally skipped a beat. Well, at least it felt like it. I immediately started thinking about how adventurous I was before getting married and having kiddos and how sad it was that I'm just a big ball of anxiety now. But then I stopped for a second and realized that's not true. I mean, yes, I am more cautious and I definitely went through some PPD & PPA  and probably have been some form of anxious most of my life, but who I am didn't change when I said "I do" or when I pushed babies through my vagina. Yes, I just said that.  I don't think I became less adventurous when I got married. Actually, I think our time together before kiddos was filled with adventure. We went on motorcycle rides, ziplining & off roading/ATVing in Kauai, took a road trip to multiple national parks without reservations and then maybe the most adventurous thing of all, we started our family really qui…