Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Ain't No Party Like an Elmo Party

We celebrated Maverick's second birthday on Saturday with as much Elmo and Benadryl (and contact with his doctor) as we could. He was the drowsiest little birthday boy but it didn't keep him from having know, eating cake and opening up presents.

He was most excited about his cake which we let him decorate with a little help. An activity that is quickly becoming a family tradition. A few days before his party we took a trip to the baking aisle of our local grocery store where he picked out his boxed cake, frosting, star candies, and "bue" sprinkles. I forget that toddlers have a hard time understanding the whole waiting thing. He could not understand why we weren't eating cake that day. Sweet boy.
The super cute cake topper came from Dollar Tree. I haven't talked a whole lot about our debt free adventure/journey/goals but I was beyond stoked about this find! Plus, his yellow cake with cream cheese frosting was a big hit!
The kiddos stayed busy jumping, rolling play-doh, chalking, shoveling sand, and pinning the nose on Elmo.
I think it's safe to say Maverick didn't love pin the nose on Elmo because each additional nose added made him more frustrated and is why he isn't in this photo. 
I'm not sure how, but I finally made goody bags for the kiddos. They had little cans of play-doh, stickers, and suckers in them. I was pretty proud of the saying I came up with and all without scrolling Pinterest. However, I'm sure if I looked it up, I'd discover it isn't that original. Please don't burst my bubble.

We kept the decor and food fairly simple. Everyone seemed happy with pastries and fruit. Everything was easy to eat with hands and kid-friendly. The birthday banner has been used for at least 3 parties and it was given to us from a friend. Gotta love the use we've gotten from it! The Elmo lanterns were also from Dollar Tree and we took the eyes and noses off for future use.  

We also had this super cute backdrop that was not used nearly as much as I would have liked but I'm sure glad I snapped this photo of all the adults hanging out with the biggest Elmo balloon of all time.
This day was no different than any other day and snuggles weres a must! Plus the Benadryl finally got the best of him at the end of the day. He just couldn't party any harder. Note his bruised/scratched cheek...this boy plays hard!

A very genuine thank you to all the wonderful humans who helped us celebrate this sweet boy and an even bigger thank you to those who help us raise him on a daily basis. His life is full of love and laughter and support that comes from so many more loving humans than his parents. We're all better humans because of our community of family and friends. 

Happy birthday Maverick Stanley! In your two short years, you have made an impression on the world that will last lifetimes. We pray you're always the you that was created on purpose and with a purpose. We love you, sweet boy! 

P.S. There are so many people who aren't pictured here. Know you are loved and your being there was so meaningful! We love you all. 

P.P.S If you're interested in the cost of the party, send me an email. I'd be more than happy to share. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Also, it looks like you had a fun with that amazing party!

    1. It was really so fun! Thanks for reading.

  2. okay how cute is this party! So many fun memories.

  3. I am a huge Sesame Street fan and Elmo is one of my favorite characters. What a fun party! I love all the activities you had for the kids. :)

    1. My son loved it! He'd be happy to know there are other Elmo lovers out there.