About Lindsey

I am so grateful you're here at Beautiful Bravery. I hope you find joy here. It is my goal to share our life as honestly as possible. I'm a thirty-something-year-old high school teacher raising *three kiddos with my junior high crush. I created BB from a place of need. After getting married and having 2 babies in a span of 3 years, I found myself drowning in fear and anxiety. What I'm learning on this journey is that gratitude is the fuel for living a brave life. Some days being brave looks like asking my husband to hold down the fort so I can take a minute to breathe or cry or both and sometimes it looks like running around with my kids without worrying about what other people think. And most of the time it looks like me sharing my story in hopes of helping someone else.

*We're on a fostering journey + expecting another babe in February 2020

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