Monday, February 24, 2020

Why We Bought Passes to Our Local Zoo // Santa Ana, CA

I'm finally on maternity leave & am trying to soak up all the time I can as a family of 5 before we become a family of 6. The other day, after doing school drop-off, I took M to our local zoo for a little mommy-son date. He was so excited about the idea of seeing monkeys he could hardly contain himself. That in itself was well worth the adventure.
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Saturday Morning at the Farmer's Market

I think I fell in love with farmer's markets on a random drive up the California coast with my mom sometime in junior high or high school. It's a bit fuzzy. It's fun to know Payton & Maverick have adopted the love of them as well. When Payton asked if we could go, I couldn't bring myself to say no even though I wanted to start tackling my to-do list. 

When Josh got home from his triathlon training, I offered to take the kiddos so he could get a bit of work done but he jumped on the opportunity to join us, which was just the best! The only thing that would have been better was to have Izzy there with us, too but she's quite the busy teenager these days.
Monday, February 17, 2020

My Favorite Instant Pot Recipes from Around the Web

Intstant Pot recipes for dinner parties, meal prep, and crowds

I asked a friend if I could borrow her Instant Pot before I considered buying one. Thankfully, she agreed because I started using it so much! At least multiple times a week. Then for Christmas, she & her husband actually bought us one. It was such a surprise & one that I am thoroughly enjoying. I think the stomachs of so many others are, too. Haha. I've tried a lot of recipes over the past few months so I thought I'd gather our top 5 favorites here.

Friday, February 14, 2020

A Baby Shower for Baby Sprout

Myself & Izzy & Payton
My mom, with the help of a few of my close friends, put together a super cute baby shower to celebrate our sweet little bundle of joy. Early in my pregnancy Payton nicknamed this baby "Baby Sprout". It was so sweet & she was very serious about it. So serious that we considered Sprout as a middle name. So when my mom asked if I had any ideas for the shower, I just said "sprouts". So this sweet shower was succulent themed for our little Baby Sprout. His actual name will be revealed on this space when he actually arrives.