Saturday, July 28, 2018

Newport Beach and Seashell Sprinkles

We went to the beach yesterday. As I was trying to quickly walk us from the cement, across the burning hot sand, to the water-soaked, magical water Payton stopped to admire the seashell sprinkled sand. She was like "Dada! Dada! Look! There are seashells. They're so pretty!" And in my head I was like, "come feet are burning off." And then she made this connection that blew me away. She looked at me and said, "Mama, the seashells are sprinkles like donuts." I had to stop in amazement, my first layer of skin literally burning off. Her favorite donuts are sprinkle donuts. She gets one, sometimes two at church on Sundays. It kind of all depends on how many grandparents are there. This little two-year-old brain made this connection. How is this possible? How does this happen? I'm still amazed. She informed us that her favorite color is also sprinkle. Who even is this kid? My heart, that's who.

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