Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Dreaming of Summer in Neon

I've come to the conclusion that we're a bunch of wimps here in Southern California. We had one entire week where it rained so much I couldn't ride my bike to work. That's the extent of our winter. It's wet and it fell below 50 degrees. Big whoop, right?

It was pretty much torture figuring out what to clothe my feet in being that ALL my shoes have intentional or unintentional holes in them. This doesn't matter 99% of the time though, so I don't think about it until my feet are already soaking wet. It also wouldn't be such a big deal if we weren't going #gazelleintense on this debt free journey. I just couldn't bring myself to purchase a pair of boots to wear a few times. Maybe next year.
So we're pretty happy to be out and about in our sandals without worrying about puddles taking up residency between our toes. We're over here dreaming of the faithfulness of Summer. It's long and warm and gets us really ready for our one or two weeks of rain.
It's not actually a good idea to eat kids because they're so cute, right? If it wasn't frowned upon, I'd gobble mine up. Like every second.
Payton's babies were pretty excited to get out, too. I guess it was so warm they didn't need clothes.
Their silliness is the joy in my world. They could have kept us all night but our grumpiness disappears with one kid-induced giggle. At least for a moment. That whole exhaustion thing is serious business.
Maverick's neon shorts were my favorite. I'm sorry to report that after these photos were taken he took a pretty intense face plant which resulted in a lot of blood. He's totally good. The shorts though, well, I'm still sad about them. They're officially play clothes.
Payton's smile could not get any better. The little girl wearing that smile made me a mama. I'm eternally grateful for her.
I cannot tell you how sexy I find my husband. I just can't. He's literally my soulmate. Did you know that even soulmates fight? It's true. It happens. But then this. Swoon. Also, he was totally good taking a few minutes out of our day to snap these photos. He may not entirely understand why I blog, but he definitely supports it.
There are only 141 days until Summer, but who's counting? Oh, you are too!? What are you most looking forward to? Ya know, besides everything a Southern California summer has to offer.

I'm not sure what we'd do without hand-me-downs, Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, and hand-me-downs from Target, Old Navy, and Nordstrom Rack.
Lindsey is WEARING: Remember those jeans I told you about? Yep, I'm practically wearing them every day. You can get them here. My neon tank top is originally from Old Navy, but I got it at a friend's garage sale. My sweater is from Nordstrom Rack but I don't see anything like it anymore.
Josh is WEARING: His favorite Target jeans. I think he has 3 or more pair. His tank top is a few years old from a gift shop on Catalina Island and his hoodie is from Old Navy.
Payton is WEARING: Her hoodie and sandals are from Target. They don't sell these exact ones anymore but all of their stuff is adorable!
Maverick is WEARING: His shorts and shirt are from Target and his handsome sandals are from Nordstrom Rack.

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