Monday, January 21, 2019

Picking Oranges

It's hard to think of a time when our city was all orange groves but thankfully it's pretty common to come across a lone orange tree or even a few huddled together. In the almost 4 years we've rented our little duplex we've picked hundreds of oranges from our ONE tree. It's small yet mighty.
The smell of orange juice reminds me of Christmas and winter. Growing up, I remember picking oranges from our tree in the front yard, still dressed in Christmas jammies, and juicing them for Christmas morning breakfast. We try to do the same thing. Unfortunately, our kiddos broke our juicer, so this Christmas we didn't have freshly squeezed orange juice. I think a juicer needs to go on my what-to-look-for-at-garage-sales list. 
We had a few people over to watch the Rams game after church yesterday. My heart rate sped up and I don't even really care too much about football. Don't tell my husband that though. But for real, people had to get some fresh air after that game. I shewed everyone out into the front yard to pick oranges. It only lasted for about 5 minutes but the kiddos got to feel cold grass between their toes and the adults got to giggle about juggling and lifting kiddos as high as possible to pick the oranges of their choosing. 
It was a great 5 minute memory-making activity. 
When life gives you oranges, have a grand old time picking them! What simple pleasures give your soul the break it needs? 


  1. That is so fun, Lindsey!! I wish I had an orange tree in my yard!

  2. Everyone looks like they're having a blast! I would love to go orange picking.

  3. How fun to have an orange tree right in your yard. I would make so much juice from all of those!

  4. How fun is this?! I want to grow an orange tree in my yard!