Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Morning

I'm tempted to say that Saturday mornings are my favorite. However, that'd be a lie and I want this space to be as accurate a depiction of my actual life as possible. TBH, Saturday mornings are my hardest morning. I don't have a routine and every Saturday is different. Sometimes my husband and I end up in the most ridiculous "fights" about who knows what. They all stem from anxiety. My anxiety. That's something I'm still in progress on so there isn't much more to say about this except I'm aware it's happening.

This particular morning we had a plan-ish. My husband was taking the kiddos to men's bible study with him (our church is awesome and offers childcare for mostly everything) so I could meet with a friend to discuss this book she introduced me to and do some yoga together. The kiddos wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything but me while I was mostly just worried about being dressed with brushed teeth and vacuuming the floor. My husband and I both rushed around the house to get the kiddos "ready" enough to leave the house. 

In the shuffle of finally getting them out of the house, I said, "sometimes I just think it's too much work for me to do things for myself." The morning was full of struggle in a way that made it seem like too much. I wanted to call my friend and say, "Never mind. My kids are in a mood. Let's just reschedule." But I knew that would be the end of it all. So I pushed through, messy-ish house and all and opened my door. 

This particular friend, who I hope is going to show up on this blog in a big way, doesn't drink coffee, which weirds me out. What do I even offer her? Her realness leads me to believe she could really care less about what I can offer her. So after she came and we discussed grace and my husband and kiddos were still studying bible, I snapped a few photos of our home. We rent this cute little duplex in Orange, CA. We're on the renting train for some time while we pay off debt, so in the meantime, I am on a mission to make whatever rented space we live in feel like home. My number one displeasure with this place is the lack of playable yard-space, which is why I'm also on a mission to explore all the free and inexpensive activities southern California has to offer. 

Welcome to our home in its imperfect state. I did no staging of these photos. 
Our yellow chairs were broken on the side of the road. We snatched them up and painted them yellow. My inspiration from here. Our dining room is also our office and our library. It gets A LOT of use.

 My two favorite things in my kitchen are my llama curtains and my Kitchen Aid mixer. Just don't look too closely at the curtains...I'm not a professional sewer. 
Oh, hey French Press! I also love this guy a lot. 
 This yellow couch is legit vintage and it was so free I cannot even believe it. That's a story for another day.

This couch and mirror were also totally free. This might sounds silly, but I kinda feel like God knows even the littlest desires of my heart and shows up in big ways. Like my vintage yellow couch and so so so much more in our home. 
This is my husband's 120 gallon saltwater fish tank that I can bet my life he'd say was his favorite part of our home. lol. Oh, and our Christmas wreath is still up. #priorities
 There are so many things I absolutely adore about our room. The vintage, the bright colors, the dinosaur decal on our headboard. The list goes on and on.
Our bathroom is not close to my favorite room. We still have the shower curtain we bought for our first apartment when I was trying to get things I thought my husband would be ok with. Now I know he would be perfectly fine with any type of shower curtain as long as it keeps the water from getting on the floor. I do super like this vintage shelf though. 

The natural light and open floor plan (and the price) is what made me fall in love. It's two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Our hope is that it will get us to our first purchased home. We're choosing to live below our means in order to pay off our debt sooner. Thankfully, our kiddos are little and enjoy sharing a room. We are looking forward to the day we have a master bedroom with bathroom and a yard for us to live life in. For now I'm choosing to be content and being as creative as I can with the space we've been blessed with. 

Happy Saturday, friends!

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