Sunday, January 13, 2019

Tom's Farms, Temescal Valley & A Birthday Party

It was so much fun celebrating our friend's second birthday. Her mom and I have known each other since elementary school and it is such a joy to watch our kiddos laugh and run together. At least between the moments that seem unavoidable. Like, really? you don't like that piece of cake? You have to have the other one that's exactly the same? That totally makes sense. So we're clear, I'm talking about my kiddos. Not hers. Anyway, after the cake crisis was averted, among others, we got to enjoy a rainy day at Tom's Farms. I won't lie. Rain in SoCal puts a damper on quite a few things...we just don't know how to function in the rain. It seems like everything shuts down. However, we still managed to discover a few gems. The first was this cute, spunky birthday girl.

She was most excited about this fake apple she got with a super big, toddler sized pony. I just love how little things can make littles happy- it's a reminder of how simplicity is something they crave. I watch my kiddos flourish with less. Her joy over this apple made buying them fresh apples from the Farmer's Market the best part of my day. Each one picked out a different kind and happily bit into them while walking around a candy store. They originally asked for the hard stuff but the delicious, fresh apples did the trick. The birthday girl was the most serious about the job of eating it.
Between the rain spells, we explored the empty stalls and wet haystacks. Maverick kept walking around with his hands up saying, "mamimals?" He was very concerned about where all the animals were on this rainy, cold day. This day was pretty special to me- I experienced some pretty hefty postpartum depression and anxiety, which made feel very much like someone I didn't know. But this day I was able to jump around and laugh with my kiddos. I for real laughed. It felt so good, which only added to the recent feelings I've had of being more myself. Whatever that really means.
 Seeing my husband be a dad makes me fall more in love with him every single time. It justs makes my heart a big ball of mush!
Remember those tantrums I was talking about? Well, Payton caught her brother getting a consequence on camera. Lucky Maverick. Also, who doesn't like pizza?
Oh, that's right. No one. Silly girl.
Celebrating with little kids is the best. I'm grateful this birthday party gave me a reason to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air, play with my kids, and explore a new place. I'm also grateful I got to witness the birthday girl's dad carry her new babydoll around like he was babywearing. The best!
Check out all that Tom's Farms has to offer. I have a feeling it's a little gem we'll make our way back to. If for no other reason than to try the other coffee shop we found out about after tracking down drip for the ride home.

Happy birthday, sweet E! Praying 2 is filled with joy and lots of apple eating.

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