Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What I Wore to a Training

I like fashion and I absolutely get sucked into fashion blog posts. I like seeing different styles and the fun places people take their photos. I even really enjoy the obvious photo shoots they do for their fashion posts. I'm just not there. My time is limited and my creative juices are more leaning toward what my reality is right now. I dream of fancy photo shoots...who knows, maybe one day.

I have a simple wardrobe partly due to my lifestyle as a full-time working mama of two toddlers and partly due to some weight gain from growing and raising those said toddlers. Our decision to pay off debt at #gazelleintensity might have something to do with it, too.

This is what I wore to the ERWC training I attended last week. My first goal was to be cozy since I knew I would be sitting ALL day. My other goals had to do with feeling good in my own skin. I like to feel put together in my own way. My put together doesn't usually involve more than mascara and a messy bun.

These jeans really did the trick! They're from Target (thank you clearance rack), skinny, stretchy, and high rise. Everything I look for in a jean. Or fake jean as my husband says. They're only $15 at regular price. Get yourself a pair! or two or three. They're so cozy.
We had crazy rain last week and these boots kept my feet warm and dry. They're currently my only boots with any type of purpose outside of being cute. Thankfully Southern California doesn't call for much of weather boot.
My military jacket is my absolute favorite! It's the perfect mom jacket and teacher jacket. I usually find tissues, hair ties, expo markers, and who knows what else in the pockets. I can even carry around my water cup or closed coffee cup in the pockets when I need an extra hand. That's often. My son is in the hold-me-all-the-time phase.

This last photo is just to keep it real. It's just kind of all wrong. I hope it makes you giggle like it did the junior high students I asked to take it.

WEARING: Boots are 5 years old from Nordstrom Rack (similar HERE), I picked up the jeans from the Target clearance section last week, the top is from Nordstrom Rack (similar-ish HERE), the jacket is a two year old Target purchase (similar HERE), the scarf is a gift I got from Nordstrom probably 6 or 7 years ago but I still wear it ALL THE TIME (similar-ish HERE), and the To Kill A Mockingbird bag was a hand me down from a teacher friend who originally got if from Barnes & Noble

What styles do you feel most like yourself in? I gravitate to neutrals, over-sized tops, and scarfs.

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