Saturday, February 9, 2019

Gift Guide: A Toddler's Birthday Wish List from a 3-Year-Old Girl

I'm trying to figure out where the last almost three years have gone. Before becoming a mom, I was sure I would throw the coolest, most elaborate, Pinterest worthy parties for our kiddos. Well, here we are 3 weeks away from our daughter's 3rd birthday and my plan right now is to have cake and ice cream with the family. She doesn't seem to have strong opinions about her party, but she does have strong and specific opinions about what she wants. 

I've compiled her list for anyone else out there wondering what to get a 3-year-old. No matter how much I want to believe my daughter is unique, I know she's just like other toddlers out there. She is showing an interest in what she wears, she loves packing her own backpack for outings, and she can create or play pretend with just about anything. A few of these gifts are gender-specific, but honestly, our son is probably going to benefit from everything she gets for her birthday, too. 


We know we want our kiddos to feel beyond special on their birthdays but we're still trying to figure out our own family birthday rhythm. 

I'm interested to know how you do birthdays. How do you decide whos invited and how many gifts you buy? Do you let your kiddos pick the theme? Do you wait until a specific age to go "all out"? What is your family's birthday rhythm?

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