Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Out of the Park Pizza // Anaheim Hills, CA

Are there any Jeopardy fans out there? My mom and my brother LOVE watching Jeopardy and they're actually pretty good at it. I'm not so much of a fan. It honestly makes me feel dumb, so I wasn't too thrilled to spend an evening at trivia night. Actually, if it wasn't for the person who invited me, I would never have suggested it to my husband.

We met some friends at Out of the Park Pizza on a Tuesday night a few years ago. We had a large group of people with a wide range of random knowledge. Because of this, we won 2nd place. It was pretty exciting! But like my days of watching Jeopardy with mom and brother, I knew zero answers. Zilch. We had to go back since the prize for placing was $$$ to Out of the Park Pizza. 

My husband was thrilled with trivia night, which made it all worth it. We also super love pizza. Who doesn't? We stopped hanging out with those particular people because of life, but we've made our way back with different groups of people. 

We eat, and laugh, and challenge our brains. Even though I feel dumb when I don't know any of the answers, I enjoy doing something other than watching TV. I'm pretty happy with the fact that we're all using our minds and collaborating. 
Josh and I found ourselves with a babysitter on a Tuesday night and decided to try our hand at trivia just the two of us. We did better than I thought we would, but for sure it's a great idea to go with a larger group- the more brains the better! For once I knew the answer to a question! What is a 10 letter word that starts with B that means rowdy? Boisterous!!!! I was so excited. 
We enjoyed our fav pizza- The Texan, which based on their menu, is "finger lickin good!" It's just the yummiest mix of our favorite ingredients: chicken, bacon, avocado, ranch, and BBQ or sweet chili sauce. It is delicious both ways. We started with an antipasto salad, which is one of my favs and ended with a root beer float. I don't really know how the root beer float happened...I'm not sure we've ever ordered one before. 
OOTPP is a very casual establishment with a lot to offer. They have an extensive menu, quite a few beers on tap, pool, an arcade, and trivia! Obviously, because that's why we're here. 
I won't get into the specifics of exactly how trivia night works except to say that once a question is asked you have the length of one song to answer it. I was more excited about getting to rock out to Wilson Philips than I was about whatever question we were answering. I'm grateful for a husband who thinks I'm cute when I do weird/embarrassing things. I'm even more grateful for a night out with my husband. Oh, and you might be wondering how we paid for this night out while we're paying off debt at #gazelleintensity. My super sweet and sexy husband used the money he won from Fantasy Football, which he initially paid for with his spending money before we went #gazelleintense.
What kind of dates do you enjoy? Can you see yourself at a trivia night? If you're interested, check out Challenge Entertainment's Trivia Night schedule. I really don't think you'll regret it. 

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