Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Quick Trip to Seattle

When I decided to take this little trip, the first one I've ever taken without kids, I texted my friend Whitney and asked if she was willing to be responsible for me for the weekend. She said yes, and so it happened.

I spent some of my best years in Washington. From age 20 to 26 I called a number of Washington dorm rooms and apartments home. Some of my favorite people and places are still there. One of those people experienced great gain and great loss in a very short period of time: my friend Melissa welcomed her first child into the world and said goodbye to her father shortly after.

I flew up for the funeral. It was bittersweet, as funerals are but it was an honor to be present for this special event. This friend of mine loves her father with a pure, honest love that I have only witnessed a few times. I feel blessed to call the daughter he raised a friend. He was a good man, which is about all I feel worthy to say as I only met him a few times.

The funeral was my main reason for going but Whitney and I were able to squeeze in a few hours in Seattle. This city and the greater Seattle area hold a special place in my heart as I'm sure any city I went to college near would. It was rainy and cold and perfect.
Directly across the street from where we parked was this quirky shop, Ugly Baby. It's full of fun, creative items including shower art. They sell "unapologetic art for immature adults." After browsing the shop, I'd say that's a really accurate statement. Plus, the shop complimented me before I even went in. That's great customer service.
We went to Pike Place Market and had a great view of the out-of-use I-90. I'm liking the colorful additions to the road. How about you?
I never watched Grey's Anatomy when I lived in Seattle, but after binge-watching all of the seasons after having my son, the Seattle skyline has a more magical feel.
We ate at this new place called Honest Biscuits. I had the Pike Place biscuit with bacon, egg, cheese, and heirloom tomato. It was heavenly. The biscuit has little surprise bursts of Beecher's Flagship cheese. If you've never heard of Flagship, you should definitely try it one day. It's a life-changing cheese. You can order it here if you're serious about your cheeses.
We probably would have spent a little longer eating and people watching but our hands were literally freezing off.
We tried solving the freezing hand issue with a warm cup of coffee goodness from Cherry Street Coffee House. My new favorite fancy drink is an oat honey latte and they made a delicious one. I think oat milk is super creamy and rich. Its yummier than all other milk.
Even though I didn't travel to Washington for the happiest of reasons, I really enjoyed this bit of Seattle. I felt like I went home for a few hours but without my absolute favorite people. I look forward to the day I get to share it with my kids...and my husband. But we got engaged at the top of the Space Needle so he already has a great appreciation for the city.

What city holds a special place in your heart? Why?

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