Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lions and Tigers and Books, Oh My!

My heart was so incredibly full when I walked up to the library with Payton and Maverick and Payton said, "Yay!!!! The library is open!!!" with her hands waving in the air and her feet off the ground. Proud mom/English teacher moment.

We started reading to our kiddos before they were even born and we try to give them easy access to them. We absolutely have worn and torn books in our library but I'm ok with it. I'd rather have to throw out a book here or there than limit their access to them. I'm sure some mamas disagree with me and that's ok.
Our public library isn't too far and is actually a great walk for us. We finally have a decent double stroller which makes this more of a possibility. The kid section of The Orange Public Library is phenomenal. They have so many different activities to keep my kids engaged that I don't have to figure out ways to make the library fun. It's truly a place they want to go.
They have books, obviously, and letter magnets, and coloring pages, and board games, and computers, and puzzles, and animal heads on the walls. They really just did an awesome job with this space. It makes me proud to live in the town we live in.

They also have multiple storytimes and activities and programs for various ages. I just learned they have a pajama storytime on Tuesday nights that I'm stoked to take my kiddos to. And I am for sure the mom who will let them actually go in their "jammies."

Do you take advantage of your local public library? What have you discovered and what do you love about it?

Happy Reading Month!

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  1. We absolutely LOVE our library. We started going to Baby Books once a week about this time last year. Now we are enjoying Toddler Books, it's a great time to jump, wiggle, dance, sing, play with the parachute and of course read picture books. I use it as my weekly chance to check out new picture books and kids music. There are beautiful murals on the walls of the kids area, toys to play with, and if they help clean up they get a sticker at the main desk. My son looks forward to it every week.

    -Amanda Greene