Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tim's Antique Space // Monroe, WA

On my short trip to Washington, I got to spend some time with my aunt and uncle. We went out to breakfast and dropped some things off at my uncle's antique space. I thoroughly enjoy browsing thrift stores and antique shops but I've never really thought about the other side of it.
It was really interesting talking with my uncle about how he chooses what to stock his space with. It looks like a man cave, but he really thinks about what people want to buy and not just about what he likes. I'm not sure why, but I honestly assumed people filled their antique spaces with things they love. Really thinking about this, I can see how it doesn't make sense. It's just like any business, you need to provide what people want to buy.
I can't say I was totally surprised with his new adventure. Our family is really into getting deals, shopping at garage sales, and selling at flea markets and swap meets.
My uncle has been retired for a few years now and greatly enjoys this business endeavor. He worked for Boeing for so many years so I'd say this is a big change. I love that he was brave enough to start a new endeavor in retirement. I hope my husband and I are brave enough to do the same thing.
Apparently, there is a pretty big market for vintage Tonka trucks, knives, and nautical items and he has repeat customers who come for these specific things. He makes sure he is the first one at garage sales and estate sales to ensure he gets the best stuff at the best price. It's definitely an art. He has to find the right items at a low enough price to be able to make a profit. So many variables! Talk about a way to keep your brain working.
He does have a small collection of Disney items which I believe are from my aunts large love of Disney everything. They've downsized a few things (they went from a ginormous house to a normal sized house) over the years.
Uncle Tim, I'm so proud of you! Thanks for showing me around your space.

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