Thursday, May 9, 2019

Gift Guide: A Toddler's Birthday Wish List from a 2-Year-Old

Our son's second birthday is right around the corner which is so exciting! We're planning a low-key play-doh party with a homemade cake and focusing on making him feel the most special. We had great success with this approach for our daughter's third birthday.
I love getting the questions about what he wants for his birthday, not because he really needs anything but because it's a moment to think about how he is growing and developing into his own unique person. These are some things our son is all about at his ripe old age of almost two.

1. Hats- he just wants to be like his dad and he loves loves loves Elmo. An Elmo hat would seriously light this little boy's face up.

2. Sensory activities- I think the numerous Easter egg hunts he went on birthed his new obsession with eggs. It definitely wasn't from the kitchen- he won't even try them right now. Anyway, he loves piecing things together and doing things with his hands. He'd have a blast with this egg toy.

3. Shoes- this boy loves shoes and being in the water, so water shoes are the perfect solution for our summer adventures.

4. Books- he LOVES Never Touch a Dinosaur so Never Touch a Shark is right up his alley. Sensory books are a great way to get kiddos involved in reading. Plus Baby Shark is a favorite at our house.

5. Sand toys- when we're at parks, Maverick gravitates to all kids who have trucks like these. These trucks bring of his two favorite things together- sand toys and things on wheels.

6. Play-doh- we go through so much play-doh! He rolls and cuts this stuff for hours every week.

What are your toddler's go-to toys & crafts? What sparks their interest? Our son is heavily influenced by his older sister so I'm sure there is an entire world of fun he hasn't discovered yet.

I'm grateful you stopped by this little space, today!

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