Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Coffee Date with my Girl at Bohdi Leaf Coffee // Orange, CA

A few weeks ago our family of four piled into our car to head out for family dates. Josh dropped Payton and I off at Bohdi Leaf Coffee and headed to Home Depot with Maverick. We try to have dates with our children as often as possible, which is about once a month. Twice if we're lucky.

Payton was thrilled to have some one-on-one mommy time + try her first blended drink. She picked the table with the high chairs and asked to take photos a gazillion times before I finally handed my camera over. I will not be surprised one bit if she becomes a photographer. She really loves taking pictures and seems to do it with purpose. If you put these next two photos together, you have one great one! Ha.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee has good, strong coffee. At least this 33-year-old mama thinks so.
Josh and I have both taken Payton on dates here and the staff is always so welcoming to us. Payton definitely feels like it's a special place for her.

They're also really passionate about educating the community on the roasting process as this roasting/classroom proves.

It's located in a very industrial area but it doesn't take away from the deliciousness of the coffee or the calmness of the shop.

Sidenote: Payton is obsessed with rain boots. She has two different pair and sometimes chooses to wear one of each. She's the best! I shared a picture of her mismatched boots on Instagram and it has been a crowd fav. I get it, too!
If given the opportunity, what would a parent-kid date look like for you? Or maybe an aunt-niece date or cousin date...I think the point is investing in the next generation by making them feel seen and loved and confident in the fact that the space they take up on this planet if meant for them!

What are your date ideas?

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