Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Morning at the Orange Homegrown Farmers & Artisans Market

Does anyone else love a farmer's market for the rainbow of colors everywhere? I have to buy different colored carrots when I see them. Yum. 

 These mushrooms had me taking so many photos! They're the most beautiful.

One of my favorite parts of the Orange Homegrown Farmer's and Artisan's Market is the kiddo shopping carts! Give me a break. Tiddlywinks, a local toyshop sponsor them. Thank you!
 We lucked out and went on the day they had a petting zoo. So much fun!
 If you've seen any photos of my living room on social media, you know I love me an alpaca.
This was such a wonderful opportunity to see my kids and niece break out their bravery for the world to see.
 Then the berries. Basically, they're the main reason we go.

 Plus this little man trying to smell flowers melts my heart.

 Fresh fruit, coffee, and live music? Ok. You don't have to ask me twice.

This is what happens when an activity runs into nap time and it's a million degrees outside. 
We had to take a few minutes relaxing in the shade before heading back to the car. Southern California weather has been so hot and cold this year. Literally.
Outings can be really tough with kids. Hunger or tiredness or heat can turn the sweetest little into a monster but it's worth it every single time. They don't remember the falling apart, they remember the laughter from getting raspberries in their hair and running their shopping carts through the market. Life is beautiful.

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