Friday, June 21, 2019

Stress-Free Summer Bucket List + FREE Printable

Happy SUMMER! Does the changing of seasons drive anyone else to list making? I probably have enough experience to create an e-course on making lists, however, I kinda start to go downhill on the follow-through part of them. If you haven't been around here much then you might not know I'm an anxious person. I've made a lot of progress through therapy + my support system, but it's still there...kind of like a constant underlying nagging. Certain types of lists make the nagging louder.

Why does this matter? Well, I wanted to create a stress-free bucket list. (You can download the free PDF here! or later on in this post) Or at least one that was a little more friendly to us anxious humans in the world. The point of a bucket list, whether it's seasonal or personal, excites my inner spirit. We need more reasons to celebrate life. To enjoy the life we have. To practice gratitude through interacting with the world and people and places around us. Without added stress.

I spent at least a week looking at all the summer bucket lists popping up around social media to see what I loved and what I thought just didn't fit our lifestyle. We're really focused on being content while simultaneously making our lives magical. I came to the conclusion that we needed a focus for our list to 1) keep me from being all over the place and 2) make sure we're on the path to live summer the way we really want to. The focus also allows us to move and groove with our lives. If an activity isn't on our original list but it aligns with our focus, then I know we're living the life we set out to! We can be confident that we will look back on summer with fondness. I also only created space for 10 activities. I like setting us up for success without the absolute need for hustling. 10 feels like a comfortable number. Some bucket lists that I came across have 30+ activities, which might be great for some families, but it isn't for us.

Our Summer Bucket List Focus is to spend as much time outside as we possibly can. Once we came up with that then picking the activities was really easy. Those closet curtains I want to make don't align with our focus so that DIY will have to wait for a different list and a different day. However, that cute lemonade stand I want to do with our kiddos fits perfectly.

Here is what made the activity list: 
1. watch sunsets
2. go to the tide pools
3. build sand castles
4. go to the farmer's market
5. make popsicles + eat them outside
6. make suncatchers
7. watch fireworks
8. go to a waterpark
9. have bonfires
10. make a lemonade stand

Some activities that didn't make the list but totally fit our focus: 
1. bubbles
2. chalk
3. racing
4. bike rides
5. walks

I also made sure to include things we do on a regular basis that make our lives bright and cheery and wonderful like going to the farmers market. Like I said, I like setting us up for success.

This bucket list has made me extra excited about our summer adventures and I hope it helps you, too. Download the free PDF here!

What's on your summer bucket list? Do you prefer the warm weather or do you gravitate toward air conditioning?


  1. I would love to do so many of these things but I have a job that gets super busy in the summer so it's hard to make the time! I think it would be really good to make an effort to do them, because once the great summer weather is gone I'll miss it.

    1. Becky, sorry to hear your summer is busy although that can be a good thing! Work can be good. Keep an eye for our autumn bucket list coming out in a few months...maybe that season lends itself better for some bucket list fun.

  2. I love your checklist! I moved to a new city this year so I'll have to search for what to do here!

    1. Rachel, how fun! Maybe your bucket list has to do with trying new things??? Enjoy your new city!

  3. Your bucket list totally captures all the best of summer! I always make seasonal bucket lists that are too big... I might have to steal yours. :)

    1. Crystal, please take it! That's why I posted it :) Just share your experience.

  4. awe this is such a fun bucket list! sun catchers!! i hadn't thought of those in years!

    1. Rachel, they're really fun in theory...we're still trying to figure out how to hang them well. haha

  5. Love love these!! It is so important to be stress free during the summer for me!

    1. Jerrieal, any tips on how you stay stress free during summer?