Saturday, June 8, 2019

Getting Back to Normal

It feels like we've had weeks of sickness & juggling too many things, but we're over here welcoming the calm, grateful for some time to breathe & clean our house. Anyone else feel like life goes a bit smoother with some order at home?
Plus, brightly colored garlands & kittens are bringing some much needed energy into our space.

Life is full of blessings when I stop to notice them...
My husband is at a men's retreat
Our son had a great followup doctor's appointment
Our bell peppers are growing
The floors are swept
I got the nicest best-teacher-ever letter
The days are longer
Instacart is a thing
I'm currently snuggling a sleeping little boy
I have multiple texting threads going with women I'm honored to do life with
There is a coconut water chilling in the fridge

The list goes on and on...literally

Take this weekend to be grateful for YOUR life. What makes it unique? I'd love to hear all the wonderful gratitude there is to be had!

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