Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Simple Activities We're Loving + How We Decorate

When decorating our home we try to ask ourselves 3 questions: 
1. Is it functional? 
2. Is it aesthetically pleasing? 
3. Is it kid-friendly? 

We want our home to be welcoming to both adults and kids and we have since before we got married. I have my freak out moments when I want everything perfectly clean, but if I had to choose a home full of life or a clean home, I'd choose life. 

We're definitely into crafts! I am a bit more of a free spirit when it comes to crafts and where the kiddos do them. I don't mind markers in the middle of the living room or paint across the table. This little table we took from my parents' patio is the perfect piece for the size and function of our home right now. Our kiddos use it for crafts, a check-out counter, or doll bed. Seeing their imagination run away with them is a true joy and we don't have to worry about the table getting ruined...the markers just add some character.
We're blown away that our 3-year-old and 2-year-old can draw faces. They amaze us.
We've been playing with a lot of trucks around here since Maverick's birthday party. He loves all of his new trucks and our laminate floors are great for this. The cars can zoom across them and messes can be easily wiped up.
These puzzles (you can find a newer version here) have provided so many hours of fun! and on our very stained carpet... I'm tempted to just replace it with an all black rug until our kiddos get bigger or we move to a space that doesn't have you walk through the living room to get anywhere and everywhere you need to be. This rug has endured a lot of use but desperately needs to be replaced.

And THIS photo! Give us all the sibling moments. Their relationship is blossoming, and I think we'd let them do anything if it meant they'd play nicely together. Anything.

What activities are you loving? How does your space facilitate them?

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