Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Best Part of Motherhood

Snuggles are the bookends for our days. They're the first things asked for in the morning and the last things begged for at night. 
We snuggle when we all reunite after a long day of work. 

An impromptu snuggle ensues after Payton exclaims, "family snuggle time!"

Maverick insists snuggle sessions with an emphatic tapping of his hand on the seat next to him. 

Snuggles cure skinned knees and hurt feelings. 

They reinforce safety and stability and love. 

In our family, snuggles are the ultimate way to show we care because we have to drop everything to snuggle. And it's hard to snuggle without kisses and tickles and eye-contact. They're just byproducts. 

There will probably come a day when snuggles aren't in high demand, but the foundation they're laying will last forever. Payton and Maverick know it's safe to ask for comfort and even better, they know they'll get it. 

I've heard it said that our children's first glimpse of our Heavenly Father is through us. Well, God is the best snuggler. 

My prayer is that our children will have an easy transition from being comforted by the snuggles of mom, dad, grandmas, and grandpas to seeking comfort from God. 

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