Friday, July 12, 2019

A Baby Shower at Morning Lavender // Tustin, CA

Back in May, I had the honor of attending my friend Olivia's baby shower. She is the sweetest most truth-seeking person I know. She chose to have her shower at Morning Lavender in Tustin, CA and it was just adorable! We were pregnant at the same time a few years ago and it was special. It's sweet seeing our kiddos play + grow together.

Having an event at Morning Lavender is great for those who don't want to spend too much thought on decor. It's all done for you! 
The details are to die for! There is fresh lavender on each table and once the teapots come out, the cuteness gives newborns a run for their money.
They have inside + outside seating. Depending on why you're going, you'll want to do a bit of planning. Reservations are a must! They're always busy so unless you're stopping in for a quick cup of coffee or tea + to peruse their super trendy and stylish boutique, call ahead.

I highly suggest going to afternoon tea at least once. You get to try their tea, sandwiches, and desserts. It's a wonderful + fun way to experience all they have to offer. It's $35/person but so worth it!
If you have dietary restrictions or just like alternatives, they're accommodating. Their oat milk is delicious!

Her shower was a never-ending chat fest with tea swaps and baby questions. 

It feels a bit like an upscale Alice in Wonderland tea party with all the different china pieces and teapots.

I have yet to personally try their coffee but I've only heard good things.
We, of course, had to end the event with pictures in front of their flower/neon photo wall + floral wallpaper. Isn't Olivia gorgeous? And she is such a patient mama.

Morning Lavender also has a super lavender pop-up truck that can make an appearance at your next event. Contact them with questions + please extend the invite!
If you're looking for a fun, unique outing, Morning Lavender might just be your place! 
Check them out on facebook//instagram//website

Thanks for joining me! 


  1. Upscale Alice & Wonderland tea party is so spot on. I love all of the gorgeous details of this beautiful shower. Morning Lavender looks like my kind of place <3

    1. If my daughter falls in love with Alice in Wonderland, there is a birthday party in our future!

  2. What a beautiful baby shower!! I love the details and that flower wall is amazing!

    cute & little

    1. I know! That flower wall. I'd like to have one in my home.

  3. Wow What a beautiful baby shower! Love all the details! It seems that you girls had so much fun in Morning Lavender!

    1. We really did! It's so wonderful getting together with friends + enjoying each other.

  4. Omg this is such a beautiful baby shower, the decor, the macaroons all the details are just gorgeous 💗

  5. What a perfect spot for a baby shower! This is absolutely gorgeous!