Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Date at The Den // Santa Ana, CA

Josh + I had the opportunity to go on a very long afternoon date the other day. We usually go on night dates but there was something about being out with the sun up. We went to The Den in downtown Santa Ana (formerly The Gypsy Den) to enjoy one of our favorite fancy coffees while having a mini budget meeting.

I discovered this gem back in high school and love the bohemian atmosphere. It was also my first introduction to vegetarian/vegan cuisine.

We love a place with books...I'm guessing The Den has been doing it far longer than most places but that's just a guess.
This was our cozy little nook. That sunlight! It was so refreshing. There basically isn't a place in here without natural light flooding in, which is my love language.
The Mayan Mocha is our fav! And it's especially delicious iced. At the end of being pregnant with our son I did everything I could to get one of these in hand. Josh wasn't sad since we shared it. I did try to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum.

We were originally planning on grabbing dinner at a restaurant that's close by but then we saw these nachos and had to indulge! These were delicious! Definitely not vegetarian or vegan but delicious nonetheless. 

Hey, now! This is my hot date crunching numbers.

Downtown Santa Ana is a great place to hangout outside. It's artsy + beautiful. The perfect place for a stroll.

Thanks for joining our day date! What's your favorite kind of date? 

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