Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Family Photos + An Announcement

I felt a real urgency to get family photos taken a couple of weeks ago and it's probably because I wanted to document our family of 4 before we become a family of 5. That's right, we're expecting baby #3 in late February.

Being pregnant after having a miscarriage seems extra uncertain. With our first two, I had no reason to be anything but excited and joyful about growing a baby, but now that we've lost a baby, there's more fear. Nonetheless, we're choosing to be really excited and rest on the fact that even with our miscarriage, there was joy and good and peace that came. We know whether we stay a family of 4 or get to February and become a family of 5, our lives are rich and founded on a faith that cannot be shaken. God has been faithful up to this point and we have no reason to believe His faithfulness will change. 
But today, I'm really enjoying reminiscing about these photos and the moments our photographer captured. Our family is nowhere near picture-perfect or all put together. We're messy and laugh and let our kiddos be themselves, thus the flamingo purse, babydoll, and Lion King shirt. Haha. 
I love it all! 

Especially this dress! I posted a photo on Instagram and it blew up, or at least it did for my account. I got so many comments and likes. It totally took me off guard. It was validation that sometimes stepping outside of my comfort zone is a good thing. I usually gravitate to black and neutrals and things that cover up my rolls and folds, but I decided to believe my husband when he looked at me like I was the sexiest woman ever in this dress and wear it. I'm so grateful I did! 

Plus, yellow is my favorite color! Have you seen our couch or dining room chairs? 
The whole point of this post is to have a reason to show off these photos I love and share with the world we're choosing to live in the joy about growing our family instead of the fear. Our God is good. That's all we need. And squishy face kisses. 
The best advice I've ever received is to not let fear steal my life. Yes, in the back of my mind I'm constantly thinking of the what-ifs, but I don't stay there. We don't stay there. We want to be present for the life we have right now. The life that is full of joy and hope and not enough sleep. There is life after miscarriage. There is life during miscarriage. And there is life before miscarriage. We're living that life. 

My prayer is that we can all share our stories to plant more seeds of hope so those seeds can grow and overshadow all the seeds of fear that are planted at what seem like alarmingly faster rates. 

How can you plant a seed of hope right now? Today? In the next week? 

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  1. Yay!!!! I’m so excited!!! Love you all. Auntie T-T!