Thursday, September 5, 2019

Stress-Free Autumn Bucket List + FREE Printable

Our summer bucket list was a constant reminder of what we wanted the season to be about so we're continuing it for autumn, too.

Our focus for summer was all about being outside but I'm going to be honest, it just keeps getting hotter here in Southern California...I think we need a new focus and fast.

There are pumpkins in the stores and Halloween crafts in the dollar section at Target and I can hardly believe it!

Our Autumn Bucket List Focus is to gather with as many people as possible. We're talking family, friends, and new people we've been meaning to spend time with or just have never met before. Date nights and family outings fall into this as well. Our growing family is young but we seem to scatter quite often these days between work and preschool and all the things.

Why is this stress-free? By having a focus it's easy to let go of the individual activities you write down. For instance, over the summer, we never had a lemonade stand, and my husband totally called this one, but we were spending so much time outside that it didn't eat me up inside. We also never went and saw fireworks but our kids did swim for hours on the 4th of July so I'd say we were successful.

Our autumn activities include: 
1. Celebrate Grandparents Day with grandparents and great-grandparents (September 8th)
2. Go to Treats in the Streets with friends & family
3. Continue Sunday dinners with our community group
4. Go to a pumpkin patch
5. Relive one of our first dates
6. Make gingerbread haunted houses
7. Experiment with the Instant Pot and invite people to taste test with us
8. Go to high school football games
9. Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & share them
10. Go apple picking

What's on your Autumn Bucket List? 

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