Monday, October 28, 2019

Thoughts on My Current Morning Routine

I've come to the conclusion that my morning routine will forever morph into various realities based on the demands of life and an ever-changing family.

Waking up earlier isn't always the healthiest choice. Sometimes the best choice for myself and my family is to set my alarm a half-hour later to get those extra snooze minutes and sometimes it's to make sure I have a solid 30 minutes of me-time before the house wakes up. Like healthy eating habits, this takes time to figure out. Very little in my life can be all or all falls somewhere in the middle. Unless we're talking about the need for caffeine. The answer is yes. Always. Yes.

My AMs these days look a lot like this:

1. Pressing snooze at least twice after taking my thyroid meds and drinking water
2. Coffee. Josh usually makes the coffee and brings it to me #besthusband
3. A bath or shower...something to relax/wake up while I drink my coffee
4. Worship music via Youtube or Pandora- I'm way behind the times
5. A gratitude list
6. Reading Power of a Praying Wife and the Bible if I don't press snooze 3 extra times or completely sleep through my alarm in the first place
7. Getting ready for work
8. Eating breakfast at my desk while my students make their way to class

Usually #2, #3, & #4 happen at the same time. This is my happy place.

#4 & #5 really set the tone for my day. On super rushed days, I usually just try to list off as many things I'm grateful for instead of writing them down.

Life is better with some routine especially if it's paired with the grace of flexibility. No one is perfect.

If you had to pick 2 things to make sure you did every morning, what would they be?
Cheers to happy mornings!

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