Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Summer Picnic

I recently came across these photos from our church summer picnic and had to share. I had recently found out I was pregnant and definitely was feeling that first-trimester grossness. These photos are so precious though. We're laughing and smiling and sweating. I do remember it being such a fun day even though we were all melting away. It was a good oldfashioned outdoor picnic with potato sack races, tug of war, and relays. Scroll to partake in some summertime reminiscing.

Payton took these two photos of Mav and me and oh my goodness, do I cherish them. He's at a very difficult age right now...I toggle between sheer frustration and sappy smiles and snuggles on the regular with this kid. I needed to see these snapshots. 
Our church is booming with babies and it's the best! They bring so much joy to every event. Especially the events with provided childcare. Just kidding. Kind of.

If you need a laugh, take a look at these hilarious action shots. Oh my. I'm sure no one was thinking about smiling for the camera while they simultaneously stumbled their way to the finish line.

Can we talk about this adorable yellow dress for a sec? Yellow is my favorite color and I just love it when I can get our daughter into it. It's not often because she has a BIG opinion about her clothes.

I just cannot with these kiddos and their dad! Maybe it's because I know the whole daddy-daughter thing is real and wonderful that I just love all the photos of our kids falling head-over-heels for their dad.
Summer, I don't totally miss you as I write this post in the middle of November with my air conditioner furiously running. California weather, you're crazy! I'm ready for some real fall weather- the only other real season we get here in Southern California. 

Happy fall, everyone! 

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