Monday, November 18, 2019

My 100 Day Pregnancy Challenge

What is it?
There are a lot of versions of the #100daychallenge and, to be honest, I don't know where it started, but I do know it's something I want to do. From my understanding, it's basically setting some goals for a 100 day time period to change habits or your mindset or whatever. If you do a simple Google search, you'll have information for days. Since I've made it a goal to keep things simple, I didn't read up too much on it and chose to form it based on my own needs. So, here we are. 

100 days from now
It's no coincidence that 100 days from now is my due date. I definitely planned that on purpose. I know a lot is going to change once this little bundle of joy makes his appearance, but it's no excuse to not make some healthy changes now. And who knows, maybe some of them will stick. 

Identifying my strengths and healthy habits
I wanted to build my confidence before focusing on all the areas I can improve by listing my strengths and healthy habits. I was actually kind of surprised at how many I came up with and how naturally they now come to me. This was not always the case. Here they are in no particular order: 
- taking Epson salt baths with lavender 
- brushing my teeth and gums twice a day
- weekly meal planning and prep 
- grocery shopping with a list
- prioritizing therapy
- kissing my husband hello when he gets home
- listening to positive music
- cultivating creativity in our home

After building myself up, I started listing the areas I can improve. This list can easily be broken up into two categories: 1- healthy habits to strengthen and 2- healthy habits to form.

Healthy habits to strengthen
- swapping out toxic products for cleaner ones
- washing my face twice a day
- writing gratitude lists
- intentionally praying for my husband and others
- drinking water
- eating veggies
- reading God's word

Healthy habits to form
- moving my body
- setting goals at work

I'm sure there are a ton more I can add to this last list, but I want to set myself up for success. I'm not tackling everyone, just a few I think are currently most important. 

My 100-day challenge
- eat 4-5 servings of veggies in a day
- drink half my body weight in water (and spend half my day in the restroom)
- wash my face twice a day
- write a gratitude list of at least 5 things
- read 1 psalm or 1 proverb 
- pray a prayer from Power of a Praying Wife
- pray for one person for 10 days straight (repeat 10 times)
- stretch and walk for at least 10 minutes

The Outcome
I'm hoping to just be a better version of myself. That's it.

My hope is to give updates at least every 20 days. I figure that's enough time to see a change in some areas and identify areas where I might need to make adjustments. Sharing this journey has mostly everything to do with holding myself accountable. If you know me in real life, ask me how it's going when you see me or just shoot me a text. If you don't know me in real life, send me a message on IG. I am welcoming the help on this journey! Especially with the hydration situation. 

How have you found success in changing habits? What advice can you give? 

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