Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts for Toddlers (Prime & Under $35)

I search "________ gift guide" a gazillion times each holiday season and get so excited when I come across a beautifully put together compilation of gift ideas for the kind of people I'm shopping for. However, I do not need help when it comes to toddlers. I feel like I have that one in the bag.

Here's a list of gifts our toddlers play with all. the. time. Just for reference, we have a 3-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy. Some of these we've bought them as gifts and some of them they've received from others. Either way, they foster imagination, learning, creativity, and fine motor skills. Plus, they're all under $35 and Prime eligible. Anyone else rely on online shopping?

Josh and I love giving gifts when we know there is a high chance the gift will be appreciated and used. We're fairly certain these gifts will get a whole lot of use!

1. Candyland Our kiddos got this for Christmas last year and since we put it in plain sight, they've really enjoyed playing with it. We don't always play exactly the way we're supposed to but it does encourage color recognition and counting. We also tend to have a lot of conversations about being a good sport and that you can't win every time.

2. Slide Payton got an older version of this slide when she was about 10 months old and it has been used almost every single day for the past 3 years. No joke. It's small enough to keep inside, which for us, is a huge plus! We live in a duplex that doesn't really have a functional yard.

3. Play-Doh Oven Set This was definitely also a gift but I cannot remember for whom or from who at this point. All I know is that we constantly have Play-Doh crumbs all over our dining room table and floor. Their love of pretend baking is now moving into real's a whole different kind of messy. Ha!

4. Wooden magnets These were a Christmas gift last year. Our fridge isn't magnetic but we have two filing cabinets that we keep them on. It's amazing to me how often we find them just playing around with magnets. It's a wonderful quiet activity.

5. Floor puzzles Maverick LOVES our floor puzzle. He does it over and over and over. The larger pieces are great for toddlers to handle plus you can use the finished product as a canvas for pretend play with other toys.

6. First Little Comics Payton received these little comic books for her third birthday and they quickly became a favorite for both of our toddlers. They think "Grumpy Pants" is hilarious. These books make reading easy and fun. If Mav wasn't in diapers anymore, I'm pretty sure he would have peed his pants a few times.

7. Sidewalk chalk We go through SO MUCH sidewalk chalk. Crayola is a bit more expensive but the colors are SO vibrant! They also have packs with legit glitter and neon chalk. It is fun for all ages and I mean ALL ages.

8. Animals We have these animals and random dinosaurs that are used in the most random ways. They have tea parties and go down the slide or become bedtime snuggles. The sky is the limit!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Happy shopping.

Oh, and these are not affiliate links...our family just really enjoys these gifts.


  1. I forgot about the game candy land. Use to love that game.

  2. All of these gift ideas are so cute and so perfect!! My kids would have loved any one of these gifts!!

    1. Kileen, I know everyone's kids are different but also so much the same. We really enjoy all of these and it's encouraging to hear your kiddos would have liked them as well.