Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Her (All Amazon Prime)

Stockings are my absolute favorite favorite favorite part of gift-giving at Christmas time. I dream of one day shopping all year for them and having one for every person who comes to our home.

If you're in need of some ideas for your wife, mom, sister, etc. you might find some of these ideas helpful. Plus, if you order in the next couple of days, you'll have it all in time for Christmas.

1. Ouchless hair ties
I have fallen in love with this type of hair tie. They're simple and don't break my hair. I like this clear option, too. It's a lot better than the days I end up with some neon hair tie I had to take from my daughter's collection. Clear matches everything and allows me to use brain space on this zero percent.

2. Uplifting book
This is one of my favs! It's the perfect gift for anyone who needs to be reminded they're exactly who they were made to be. This is also great for teens.

3. Tinted lip balm
I'm all about simple. My days of lipstick are out the door but I do appreciate a nice tinted lip balm for the times I need a little color on my lips.

4. Chocolate
Enough said. These are wonderful because they have a fruity kick to them.

5. Playing cards
My husband and I used to be in the habit of carrying around playing cards on dates so we could play Gin Rummy. It's a habit I'd like to bring back and these cards are so beautiful! Plus if you spill anything it won't even matter.

6. Facial mist/toner
Sometimes we just need a little pick me up and our skin is a great place to start.

7. Candles
Candles are essential to set the tone for a relaxing environment. I would take 5 baths a day if I could and I'd use a candle every single time. Even in broad daylight.

8. Gratitude journal
I've been practicing having an attitude of gratitude for quite some time and any cute journal that helps in this process is a go in my book.

9. Coffee mug
I mean, who doesn't want a reminder of how amazing they are? It doesn't have to be a mom could be anything that will lift the person up.

10. Bath pillow
See #7. These go hand-in-hand. Give me all the cozy, relaxing baths!

These might one day be affiliate links, but for now, they're just here for your benefit! It's kind of like window shopping for me :)

Merry Christmas shopping!

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