Friday, December 6, 2019

Lucky Llama Coffee // Carpenteria, CA

From the beginning of our relationship, we've enjoyed long drives. There is something about the open road that sparks conversation in a super peaceful environment. Even in LA traffic. This is why we headed a few hours north even though we only had half a day for our adventure.

Our final destination was Santa Barbara, CA and that is where our plan ended. I was honestly leaning more toward a beach closer to home but Josh wouldn't have it. 

I enjoy trying a new coffee shop everywhere we go and keep Starbucks for emergencies, so I googled "Santa Barbara coffee shops" and just scrolled through the results. Lucky Llama Coffee in Carpinteria, CA was our obvious choice. We punched in the address and headed north. 

We've honestly never had a bad coffee shop experience going about it this way. Last spring we ended up at Red Kettle Coffee in Summerland, CA on our way home from Lopez Lake. We considered just going here again, but we're both pretty happy we tried something new. 

Our favorite drink at The Den is a Mayan Mocha so we jumped on the opportunity to try another cafe's version. I am pregnant so we shared a small and added a chocolate chip pumpkin scone on the side. Delish.

It felt a lot like our life did before kids. Worry-free with endless time to stare at each other. Dreaming. Laughing. Sitting without being pulled on. Being in love. Plus, you can add the fresh beach air and tiny beach town and you've got a recipe for bliss.

The shop itself has a ton of outdoor seating right next to an empty lot or field or preserve or something. I'm not clear on why there was an open space but it was freeing. We're so used to things being entirely too close together that when there is open space I assume something went wrong, but maybe it's there on just be space to be and think and breath. Novel thought.

Josh wasn't surprised when I said I would have married him there. If you're in the market for a small, beach town wedding, Lucky Llama Coffee should be a consideration. I have no idea if they do events, but they should. You're welcome.

One of the first things we noticed was the collection of kid toys on the porch. We love ourselves a kid-friendly place. And honestly, it just seemed like it was an all human-friendly place.

The coffee was rich and luxurious, a contrast to the rustic shop itself. Somehow it all fit together. It was a refreshing anniversary outing. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who was there and did not take my purse. We left for Santa Barbara without it and by the time I realized I had left it behind, I was certain it was toast. Maybe it really is a lucky shop ;)

If you find yourself anywhere near Carpinteria, check out Lucky Llama Coffee. You can also visit them on Instagram or Facebook.

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