Saturday, December 14, 2019

O Christmas Tree

My absolute favorite tradition is picking out and decorating our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love waking up to the glow of the season each morning and reminiscing about all of our ornaments each year. 

My second favorite tradition is picking out ornaments for each of our kiddos and each other that represent the year in some way. We hang each of their special ornaments with their stockings for them to find on Christmas morning. We've stuck to plush and felt ornaments so far which is great because it's creating a collection of ornaments they can hang themselves without us worrying about them breaking.

I also love taking out my grandmother's nativity snow globe and vintage porcelain Christmas tree. I've really cut down on our decorations in an attempt to fill our home with items that bring us joy and help us enjoy the season.

My favorite non-ornament decoration is the wooden nativity Josh and I bought before we had kids. We decided on it for two reasons: 1- it was inexpensive and 2- we imagined our kiddos playing with it each year. We let them play with it as often as they want to which leads to a lot of searches for baby Jesus or Mary or Joseph but it's totally worth it.

For once I did very little of the decorating and instead let the kids take control. We're definitely bottom-heavy this year and at least one ornament changes places each day, but I think they're gaining an appreciation for the tradition through this. At least I hope so.

This year was extra special with the addition of our foster daughter. She was so patient with the younger kiddos and helped fill in the top of the tree. We all laughed and listened to Christmas music and wrangled Payton and Maverick. It was beautiful. Plus Payton and Josh putting the tree topper up each year make me teary. I love it.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? More importantly, do you use white or colored lights? It's a big debate!

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