Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Third Trimester: What I Don't Remember from My First Two Pregnancies

What I didn't experience with my first two pregnancies. Third trimester truths.
I haven't posted a whole lot about my pregnancy and I think that's because all of them have been what I'd consider "normal" for the most part. I'm nauseous in the first trimester but I don't throw up; I have food aversions but nothing to write home about; My skin is itchy but it doesn't keep me up at night. You get the idea.

However, let me tell you that at 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I am feeling differently. Maybe it's because it's my third pregnancy so my body is just gearing up or maybe this baby is actually coming early, whatever it is, I am uncomfortable.

Before you read the rest of this post, please keep in mind that I'm weeks away from this baby coming so my gratitude filter has been lifted momentarily. I know this journey for so many women is hard or impossible and they'd do anything to have what I'm complaining about. Please know I really am so grateful for all of my pregnancies, including the difficulties. They are worth every moment. Check-in with your own heart before continuing to read and believe that my heart is truly grateful for this gift of growing life, but a pregnant lady has got to get her venting out. I understand if you stop here. 

Being this uncomfortable this early
I don't remember being this uncomfortable this early. I was late with my first two and remember getting very uncomfortable about one week before my due date and then the one or two weeks past it. But right now, it hurts to cross my legs. It hurts to walk. It hurts to lay down. My heartburn is atrocious. All I want to do is sit in my car with the seat warmer on. I literally feel like my mucus plug is seconds away from falling out and then this baby will follow within minutes. Yes, I sound crazy, but that's the pelvic pressure I'm feeling. At my last appointment, my doctor told me that my cervix is softening. Woohoo! That means we're days or weeks or months away from this baby coming. Ha! Every symptom means something and at the same time, nothing. Pregnancy is so frustrating (and beautiful).

Not sleeping
I don't remember not sleeping for no reason, but right now, I'm simply not sleeping. The crazy thing about not sleeping is that I don't actually wake up uncomfortable or lay in bed thinking about a gazillion things. I literally am just not sleeping. Or maybe I am sleeping but I'm not waking up rested.

That's another thing, I cannot get myself out of bed in the morning. I feel like I could sleep for another 5 or 6 or 7 hours. I guess I'm just in pain and exhausted. The weird thing is that I remember walking so much during my third trimesters with my first two so I'm pretty confident that my pelvic pain was not this intense this early. Seriously, it's the worst.

Being this scattered 
I don't remember feeling this scattered and unable to get a plan together. I'm trying to stay off of the world wide web of anxiety and terror but I keep thinking I can find the site that tells me exactly what my symptoms mean and more importantly, exactly when this baby is coming, which I'm 1000% certain is soon. If I could just know the day, then I could better cope. It's like when people claim they know the day they'll die. Well, sure, if I knew the day I was going home to meet my creator, I would live my days with a whole lot of intention. I feel the same way right now.

Should I call into work so I can make that last-minute target run for the bassinet sheet, backup formula, and mama bottom spray? or should I just countdown the minutes until I get to soak in my bathtub tonight? Should I actually do a big grocery run to get all of the ingredients for the freezer meals I want to make or will I not have time to actually execute this plan before we rush to the hospital? With my first two, I had a list and I just worked off of the list. I'm not even sure I could make a list right now.

It's almost like I don't actually know what is going to happen and when, so why even bother? It's freeing and infuriating all at the same time. Why can't I just be a normal person and make a darn list?

Being calm
At the same time, I don't remember being this calm. You might be laughing if you've made it this far since I'm sure I sound far from calm, but let me explain. I'm not stressed about my birth plan or what shots this baby will get or whether we're circumcising or not. I'm not hung up on what kind of mom it will make me if I get an epidural or if I don't. At this point, I'm pretty confident about what kind of mom I am. We're pros at car seats. We know the diapers we prefer. You get the idea.

I might stress about things but I also have a sense of peace knowing that everything will work out. Everything will be ok. I may not know what that ok looks like but it will happen. Eventually.

Being this ready this soon
Don't get me wrong, I was definitely ready, but it was more out of excitement at this point during my other pregnancies. I couldn't believe I had made it to the last month of pregnancy, and although I thought a lot about how it would happen and when, I didn't feel like it was time at 36 weeks. Let me tell you, it is time right now to have this baby. Right now. Right this moment. I want to be at the point of getting out of my post-delivery shower, drinking the most refreshing glass of iced water, and enjoying the morning sun streaming through the window while having all of the skin-to-skin time possible with this new bundle of joy. That's where I want to be.  Any other mamas feel me on this one?

So, there you have it. The rantings and ventings of a third-time pregnant lady who is so ready to have her baby that she's wondered if women have actually tried to just pull their kids out themselves. I'm positive it has happened. I'm not saying it's a good idea, I'm just saying that I totally understand. No judgment here. For now, I'll be over here praying for the ability to sleep and the knowledge of how many days I have before we become a family of 6.

What has your pregnancy experience been? If you've had more than one, how were they different? How were they the same?

If you're interested, take a look at the postpartum plan I wish I had  & Pin this for later entertainment. Thanks for your support!
What I Don't Remember from My First Two Pregnancies. Third Trimester Symptoms.


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  2. Wow, it's so interesting to know how pregnancies can vary so much! I remember with mine being totally scattered also, I broke all of the glasses in my apartment, so you're not alone! lol!

    1. Rachel, oh man! Pregnancy is so crazy. Ha! Hopefully everyone was ok.

  3. Pregnancy is crazy but such a beautiful thing! I had so many crazy symptoms myself during pregnancy. I couldn't sleep either and couldn't work because I was nausea and threw up the entire time. I also had a fibroid that caused me so much pain during my entire pregnancy. But it is almost over mama you can do this!

    1. Jurrieal, I love getting to the point of looking back at pregnancy and thinking "wow, I can't believe I did that!" I can't imagine being in pain my entire pregnancy. You're a rock star!

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