Friday, February 14, 2020

A Baby Shower for Baby Sprout

Myself & Izzy & Payton
My mom, with the help of a few of my close friends, put together a super cute baby shower to celebrate our sweet little bundle of joy. Early in my pregnancy Payton nicknamed this baby "Baby Sprout". It was so sweet & she was very serious about it. So serious that we considered Sprout as a middle name. So when my mom asked if I had any ideas for the shower, I just said "sprouts". So this sweet shower was succulent themed for our little Baby Sprout. His actual name will be revealed on this space when he actually arrives. 

Almost everyone
I am so grateful for all of the wonderful women who came to celebrate. We only have like 5 days of serious rain a year in Southern California, but this happened to be one of those days so everything had to be adjusted from outside to mostly inside. Everyone just got cozy & made the absolute best of it. My one request was to get everyone outside for a photo. The lighting is just so much better but it was definitely wet! Thank you, ladies!
Myself with my MILs & Mom
This surprises some, but I feel totally out of my element in situations like this. When I'm the "center" of attention, I could just really do without. I asked a lady from church if she would pray before everyone ate & not only were her words so sweet & powerful, but it gave me an opportunity to breathe. This moment really made all the difference in the day for me. It isn't about the number of people you can gather but it's about the number of connections you can make. If I could, I would go to coffee with each lady independently to really connect. However, that's just not possible. I did my best to circulate, to talk to as many women as I could without being overwhelmed. And I'm not sharing this to sound negative; I'm sharing this because I know I'm not the only one who has to make a conscious effort to really enjoy events like this. It's ok if you're not the picture-perfect extrovert or the life of the party. 
My cousin, myself, & my friend since 5th grade!
Back to the celebration! Friends I've had for over 20 years were there & friends I've formed lifelong bonds with over the past few years were there too. Neighbors & cousins & women who lift our family up were there. I felt loved & I know this baby is going to feel that same love starting the moment he's born. 
Most of the ladies behind the wonderful decor
The decor was simple but seriously beautiful. Succulents were the perfect focus to pull in all the greens & blues for this baby boy shower. The diaper cakes, beyond very useful, were adorable & hydrangeas are just stunning. The cake & cupcakes blew me away! From far away, the cupcakes really looked like a display of succulents. So cool! 
"baby sprouts"
Everyone was gifted a little succulent as a thank you. My 7-year-old niece planted all of the "sprouts." She did an excellent job!

The diaper cakes

The succulent cake

The succulent cupcakes
Games are not my favorite, but we played the purse game, which was really fun to watch everyone dig through their bags in search of the one item to push them into the winner category. The energy that comes from simple games like this is worth the effort it takes to put together. People also guessed how large my belly is & searched for baby socks. They were the perfect games to get people talking & interacting without too much pressure. Those are my kind of games! 
Ladies digging through their purses
The day was so enjoyable, especially after I was able to really center & breathe. I already put away the teeny-tiny clothes & diapers & blankets & bottles...the list goes on & on. We were so blessed! We also were gifted a laundry service & a fancy double stroller. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend & to those who couldn't make it for whatever reason but show their continuous love & support in other ways.

Today is my first day of maternity leave & I am so ready to get some final things in order before this baby boy makes his appearance.

Happy weekend & Valentine's day, friends!

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