Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A City Guide: Fine Dining in Old Towne Orange

Looking for a fancy restaurant in Orange County? Look no further! Head to Old Towne Orange for the perfect experience.

First, we need to define fine dining. Especially in a place like Old Towne Orange where college students, young families, and people who have lived here their entire lives all come together. These are the fanciest restaurants based on ambiance, food selection, and price. And if it's a Friday night, you need to make reservations, if they take them. This year, Valentine's day just so happens to fall on a Friday night, although based on your Instagram feedback, most of you are staying home or eating at a casual dining establishment.

These restaurants all have something different to offer but something they all have in common is that Old Towne-charm. Without further ado, here are the 4 fanciest restaurants of Old Towne, according to me.

Keep in mind that this information is subjective & based on my personal experiences dining in all of these wonderful establishments.

Citrus City Grille
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This restaurant has been in Old Towne for as long as I can remember & it was one of the first fancy restaurants I dined in. Or at least that I can remember. I would categorize their menu as American. They have a wonderful happy hour, outdoor seating, & ambiance. They're known for their champagne brunch but that doesn't mean they don't deliver for lunch and dinner, too. Plus, for any Gilmore Girls fans out there, they have a specific menu just for martinis.

Francoli Gourmet Restaurant
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Francoli is the newest addition to Old Towne on this list but it has earned its rightful spot. Just writing this is making my mouth water. Bring on all of the Italian food. They have live music & an outdoor patio with perfect romantic lighting for fine dining. If you're wanting the music, make sure to call ahead; they don't have it every night. They also have a specialty store with Italian wines, olive oils, bottles of vinegar, coffees, and bread. Yum to all of it. You not only get to eat a fancy dinner but you also get to shop. I mean, a place like this is worth a visit.

Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen
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I'm going to be honest here, even though I'm embarrassed by it. I had no idea Gabbi's even existed until a few years ago. To be fair, there isn't really a noticeable sign, which is part of the charm of this establishment. There seems to always be a wait even without a way for people to know what/where it is. With that said, this Mexican Gastropub gives a fun flair to traditional Mexican food. I'm a huge fan of the homemade chips & salsa & their chamomile infused white sangria #amistillpregnant?

Haven Gastropub
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If you're into fine dining & craft beers, this is the place for you. Plus, they believe in local, organic, sustainable, & humane food whenever possible. They have everything from mac & cheese to kale salads to grilled Spanish octopus to prime rib to hamburgers. The menu is extensive & doesn't lack creativity. Haven has without a doubt made a mark on the community & I have great memories here because my husband & I had one of our first dates here. (All the feels for that man & our early, whirlwind romance!)

What are you Valentine's Day plans? Do they involve a fancy restaurant or sweat pants & pizza? If it's the latter, you'll be happy to know the pizza city guide is up next.

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