Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Saturday Morning at the Farmer's Market

I think I fell in love with farmer's markets on a random drive up the California coast with my mom sometime in junior high or high school. It's a bit fuzzy. It's fun to know Payton & Maverick have adopted the love of them as well. When Payton asked if we could go, I couldn't bring myself to say no even though I wanted to start tackling my to-do list. 

When Josh got home from his triathlon training, I offered to take the kiddos so he could get a bit of work done but he jumped on the opportunity to join us, which was just the best! The only thing that would have been better was to have Izzy there with us, too but she's quite the busy teenager these days.

 We love that our local farmers' market has kid-sized grocery carts. It probably is the best part of the entire market for families with small children. Payton was really enthusiastic about picking out different vegetables to make soup with. We were hopeful that she'd be more inclined to try all the veggies she picked out so we basically let her buy what she wanted. It was so cute watching her interact with the vendors. I can't believe she is SO big. Somehow we walked away with a lot of produce for only $6. I think she got a cuteness discount.
While Payton was showing some interest in veggies for once, Maverick stuck to his tried & true fruits. We cannot leave the market without buying berries. Actually, we can't even leave the market with berries. They always get eaten there. I mean, who wouldn't want to eat their weight in berries when a game is made out of it? 

Look at this man! He might have had more fun than the kids did. And he even snapped a few photos with me in them...he is really trying to do this more often & his skills are improving. 

 These apples were the cutest!!! Everything tiny gets the attention of the kids, too. Except broccolini.
We seriously laughed so much at & with these kids. Their personalities just get richer with time, like a good wine. Ha! If only I could have some wine right now. 

We might have eaten our weight in Proper's Pickles spicy pickles while we waited for Josh to bring the car around. It was so funny! I was all in for walking back to the car but Payton sat down in the grass and said, "can I just take a rest?" Lol! So the kids & I had our second picnic of the day while we waited. Mav wasn't the biggest fan of the spicy so he washed them down with freshly-squeezed orange juice but Payton couldn't get enough of the pickles or the orange juice. Baby #3 couldn't get enough either. 

It was the perfect pre-baby day. Soaking up one another & the sun before our world changes in so many ways we can't even imagine is on the top of my list these days. At least I try for it to be. 

Thank you Orange Home Grown for enriching our community!

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