Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What I Wrote in My Journal on My 34th Birthday

Maybe it's the anticipation of this new baby or just that I'm getting older, but this birthday was so simple & beautiful. It was more about being content and less about doing something extravagant. I thought I'd share where my heart was the morning I woke up by posting my journal entry, which is very much a gratitude list wrapped up in a prayer:
Lord, thank you for this life- this ability to live on the outside of the circle where you mercy, grace, love, and will rule. Thank you for this beautiful morning, this natural light the flowers growing around our home, the cutest little teacup, homemade banana bread, my husband cupping my head in his hands while looking into my eyes as he told me happy birthday and he loves me. Thank you for my mom offering to make dinner, and Payton loving preschool. Thank you for this healthy baby boy growing inside of me. Thank you that you are good regardless of what's in our inner circles and that your plans are to surround us with your love in all things- to give us hope and a future. Thank you, Lord, and may I set my focus on you this coming year- on your blessings and your faithfulness no matter what happens. In Jesus' name, Amen
I'm already loving this year of life. It's been a few days & I've laughed & cried & know this year will not be easy but I'm resting in the freedom I have in Christ. I'm resting in His promises. And when I forget to do those things, I'm giving myself grace & moving closer to Him.

Hello, 34!  I'm so honored you're on this journey with me. I'd love to pray for you, too. Connect with me on Instagram or just send me an email. Life is better together.


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