Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A City Guide: Pizza of Old Towne Orange

If you combine the fact that every member of my family (except me) loves pizza & that my favorite place to eat out is Old Towne Orange, you can confidently conclude that we frequent all of these pizza places. It's definitely a type of compromise, right?

Whether you're looking for a delicious, casual place to enjoy a *meal out or you're new to the area & just wanting to know what Old Towne has to offer, this is a great place to start!

1. Blaze Pizza
Blaze Pizza was the first individual pizza place in Old Towne & was a huge hit from the beginning. Before our kiddos started eating real food, Josh & I would come to Blaze & share a pizza because you can actually make a 1/2 & 1/2 with as many toppings as you want. We were impressed right away. Hello, date night for under $12! My favorite part about eating at Blaze is that I constantly see old students & I think it's hilarious when they look up & ask for my name for the order. It's obvious they question whether or not to actually write my first name or just write Mrs. Jones.
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2. Pizza Press
Pizza Press made its way on the Old Towne scene after Blaze but it is just as popular. The 1920s newspaper factory vibe is totally cool. You "publish" your own pizza here. Get it? Your pizza comes hot off the press. I love me some good puns. If you like beer with your pizza, then this is the place for you. They keep a good rotation of craft beers on tap from local breweries. They have that Old Towne charm for sure! Their outdoor patio is small, but I like a place where I can sit outside anytime I go to Old Towne. The people-watching is superb.
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3. Zito's Pizza
Zito's is all over Orange with one location in Anaheim Hills but, not surprisingly, Old Towne is my favorite location. The outdoor patio is great for kids & it's a go-to spot to meet other friends with kids. Their pizzas are seriously so so so good & their antipasto salad is my fav. Oh, and their garlic knots. And their cinnamon knots. Give me all the knots! It's a very laid back environment that can also hold a crowd. We did lunch after Maverick's baby dedication here. It was way informal but too delicious to care. Maybe the best part is that they give you all the ranch you want.
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Here's my question: do you ranch or not? I basically base all of my friendships on people's answers to this question.

*When I first started this post, COVID-19 didn't exist or at least not that I knew of, however, all of these fine establishments offer pick-up and/or delivery. Just visit their website or call for updated details. 


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